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Tomi Jerenko Computer Software Information Cloud Security Engineering

Tomi Jerenko - Information, Software, and Computer Security

Engineering software systems to improve the computer application, network, infrastructure, and information security.

Tomi Jerenko GPG Key Fingerprint: 5C6F C0E2 5019 9461 5FE2 A27A 8384 0BFD 832C DBC8


MEng - Master of Engineering
MSc* - Master of Science

I'm a computer security and software engineer and the owner of [hackingfordevs] blog, holding an engineering master's degree in business IT, and a candidate for master's degree of science in cyber security. I specialize in

  • Computer Security Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Development, Security and Operations
  • Security Research

Current Work

Momentarily working at [1&1 IONOS], where I'm deeply immersed in cloud security topics and related technologies and tools.

Collaborating across different teams, my daily work consists of engineering custom-made automated systems for cloud security purposes. These are integrated into CI/CD pipeline, to secure infrastructure and network, support SSDLC, and satisfy compliance requirements.

On the daily basis I utilize Go, Kubernetes, Docker, and Kali Linux's tool arsenal.

Adding Business Value

Being familiar with a very broad array of topics, tools and technologies, and possessing extensive academic knowledge, I'm able to solve complex problems by developing highly specialized yet simple solutions.

Having flexible personality, I easily integrate with teams and get along with anyone, or work independently on solo projects. I'm motivated, independent, ambitious, extroverted and goal oriented person; assertive ENTJ according to Myers-Briggs.

My operating system of choice is Linux based: Debian and Kali Linux. I speak Go, Rust, Shell, Python, JavaScript, C#, C and C++.


Besides IT, I'm interested in psychoanalysis and philosophy, languages, and adrenaline sports.


For business related inquiries and other imporant matters, please send me an [Email] or contact me on [LinkedIn].

Check out my [GitHub] profile. You're welcome to pull, fork, modify, or criticize my code.