Tomi Jerenko Cyber Security Engineer

Tomi Jerenko - Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineer specializing in engineering, auditing and hardening of enterprise cyber systems to improve application, network, infrastructure and information security.

Besides holding an engineering master's degree in information and communication technologies, I'm a candidate for master's degree of science in cyber security.

My operating system of choice is anything Linux based. I speak Go, Rust, Shell, Python, JavaScript, C#, C and C++.

Current Work

Currently employed at [Solarisbank], being responsible for security of the [Solaris Digital Assets] platform.

My daily routine consists of assuring front-line security and preventing insider threats by

  • Performing security audits of infrastructure and API services
  • Hardening infrastructure and its components
  • Crafting automated auditing and monitoring tools
  • Crafting security related infrastructure and applications

Adding Business Value

Being familiar with a very broad array of topics, tools and technologies, and possessing extensive academic knowledge, I'm able to solve complex problems by developing highly specialized yet simple solutions.

Having a flexible personality, I easily integrate with teams and get along with anyone, or work independently on solo projects. I'm a motivated, ambitious, extroverted and goal oriented person; [ENTJ-A] according to Myers-Briggs.


Besides IT, I'm interested in psychoanalysis and philosophy, languages, and adrenaline sports. Just recently, I picked up an appreciation for German Romanticism.


For business related inquiries and other important matters, please send me an [Email] or contact me on [LinkedIn].

Check out my [GitHub] profile. You're welcome to pull, fork, modify, or criticize my code.